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Use An Alternative To Netsparker That Integrates Web Apps, APIs & Cloud Security Testing Into Your SDLC

Cyber Chief helps your devs & testers find & manage web app & API security vulnerabilities in a user-friendly vulnerability testing tool - and coaches them on how to patch them too.

+ Get free manual pentests with your subscription

Experience For Yourself Why Software Teams Give Cyber Chief 5-Star Reviews
Cyber Chief Vulnerability Scanner Reviews
Cyber Chief Vulnerability Scanner Reviews
Cyber Chief Vulnerability Scanner Reviews

Netsparker/Invicti vs Cyber Chief Comparison

Netsparker/Invicti is a good vulnerabilty scanner for cybersecurity professionals who understand how to configure & tune a vulnerability scanner. But is it right for you?


Cyber Chief has the same power, but it helps you run automated security tests from your SDLC so your devs & QA teams can find & fix vulnerabilities without relying on security experts.
Benefits Cyber Chief Netsparker
   Automated web app security testing
   End-to-End, Autonomous API Security
   Multi-Cloud Security Posture Management
   Scanning for thousands of web app vulnerabilities
   Constant addition of relevant new vulnerabilities
   Unlimited scans
   Vulnerability validation & proof-of-exploit
   Unlimited users in every plan
   No cybersecurity expertise required interpret results
   Intuitive vulnerability management & collaboration
   Relevant code snippets with vulnerability fixes
   Multi-factor authentication for all users by default
   Easy integration to software development workflows
   Easy integration to DevOps/CICD pipelines
   Scan pages dynamically rendered by JavaScript Lots Of Config Needed
   Scanning behind your web app login Lots Of Config Needed

Cyber Chief:

Seamlessly Integrates With Software Dev Workflows

Doesn't Need Security Experts To Run It

Provides Security Coaching To Devs

Implements Essential DevSecOps Components In Your SDLC
Cyber Chief Works Out-Of-The-Box With Web Apps On All Cloud Platforms
Cyber Chief Vulnerability Scanner Reviews
Cyber Chief Vulnerability Scanner Reviews
Cyber Chief Vulnerability Scanner Reviews
Cyber Chief Vulnerability Scanner Reviews
Cyber Chief Vulnerability Scanner Reviews
Cyber Chief Vulnerability Scanner Reviews

Cyber Chief Is An Automated Penetration Testing Tool For Web Apps & APIs That Requires Zero InfoSec Experience To Use

On-Demand web application vulnerability testing

Automated Pen Testing Tool That Shows You How Hackers See Your Web App & Infrastructure

  • See the vulnerabilities hackers will find in your software and network infrastructure
  • Our algorithms rank for you the vulnerabilities that hackers will actually exploit, not a bunch of false positives
  • Cyber Chief also gives your developers targeted fixes for each vulnerability, including code snippets
  • So your devs spend more time coding & less time Googling for the right solution

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Help Your Developers Ship Your Web App With Zero Know Vulnerabilities

  • User-friendly, 1-click scanning tool that your developers can use
  • Cyber Chief helps you find, fix & manage vulnerabilities in one place
  • It helps your dev team take control of application security
  • So you can be confident that you're not neglecting this critical aspect of your job

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I find it a lot easier to fix vulnearbilities and customers trust us a lot more because they can see that we're doing security work without them having to tell us to do it.
Kamran H, Software Developer from ★★★★★ G2 Crowd Review

Save time on security & see how easy it is to ship your web app with zero known vulnerabilities.

Alternative to Netsparker web app vulnerability scanner

Application Security Done Fast So Your New Features Are Shipped On Time

  • Do you avoid security work because you feel that it slows you down?
  • Cyber Chief turns software security into smaller, manageable tasks
  • And has DevOps/CICD pipeline integrations to scan every build for vulnerabilities
  • So you ship new features on-time, but with the extra advantage of added security

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1-Click Vulnerability Scans & Zero Confusing Configs To Frustrate You

  • Unlike other security scanning tools, Cyber Chief is built for software developers
  • Because security scans run with just 1-click security without having to tweak 10 different configurations
  • But you still get full scans for OWASP Top 10 + SANS CWE 25 + thousands of other relevant vulnerabilities
  • This eliminates frustration & helps devs focus on the important jobs

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It's very easy to use and does exactly what it says. I've tried other open source tools and they need a lot of configs that are often hard to understand.
Robinson M, Software Developer from ★★★★★ Capterra Review

Unlike Acunetix, Cyber Chief helps you ship your find, manage & fix security vulnerabilities with zero cybersecurity experience.

Find, Fix & Manage Vulnerabilities Without Hiring More People

  • Cyber Chief's vulnerability fixes are presented in simple language with actual code snippets
  • The fixes cover most common components of modern tech stacks
  • An intuitive vulnerability management system helps everyone understand their priorities
  • This helps to build in-house capability so you're less reliant on expensive consultants

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See Why Fast-Growing SaaS Companies Trust Cyber Chief Over Netsparker


Global technical support gives you help as you need it


Easy to use with 0 configurations to frustrate you


Don't pay extra for onboarding your whole team


Integrates with your existing development workflows


Cloud-based with military-grade security


Constant updates so your AppSec is best-in-class