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Painlessly Shift Left With Security & Secure Your SDLC

Cyber Chief helps your software team secure your app, APIs & cloud infrastructure from the start of the development process in a user-friendly tool - without having to hire new security experts.

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What Can Cyber Chief Do For You?

Make better decisions with real-time AppSec data

Built for software teams with no cybersecurity expertise

Help your developers build-in security from the SDLC

Run app, API & cloud security from DevOps/CICD pipelines

On-the-job coaching to help your devs patch vulnerabilities faster

It just gives me a lot of certainty that we're not pushing code with massive security vulnerabilities.
Richard H, Software Development Manager (Healthcare)
User friendly web application and API vulnerability testing tool

Zero-Click Vulnerability Scanning & Management That Doesn't Require Cybersecurity Qualifications

You don't need to hire cybersecurity experts or external security consultants to find & fix security vulnerabilities in your SaaS or cloud software. Your engineers can scan your infrastructure for thousands of vulnerabilities so that you can fix them with just one click.

Security Dashboard To Help You Understand Your Security Posture

How do you assess your application's security resilience from sprint to sprint? How do you understand your vulnerability trajectory? Do you know for certain how many weeks it takes your engineers to patch a vulnerability? Cyber Chief's dashboard will give you all this and more analytics to make informed decisions.

On-Demand web application vulnerability management tool

Your software engineers can find & fix security holes in your web application without any cybersecurity qualifications. Find out how.

On-Demand web application vulnerability scanning

Arm Your Engineers With Real-Time Data, Don't Saddle Them With More KPIs

Most engineers aren't lazy and don't want to build insecure features. Cyber Chief helps you transcend traditional KPI-based methods of managing security during application development by helping you make your engineers accountable for security with actionable real-time security resilience data & best-practice fixes in one easy-to-use app.

Give Your Devs On-The-Job AppSec Coaching

Traditional, classroom-style training is expensive and time consuming. Instead, Cyber Chief helps your engineers understand and correct their security-related errors as they build and release new features, so you can get 2 birds with 1 stone: capability upliftment for your team & your app's security holes patched.

I've been using results from Cyber Chief scans to show B2B prospects that our sales software is safe.
Tedi T, Digital Ops Manager (MarTech)

Build Trust With Sales Prospects By Showing Them How Seriously You Take Security

In a world where most cloud software companies keep deferring application security activities, Cyber Chief helps you instantly download summary reports to differentiate yourself by proving to your customers and prospects that you go to great lengths to protect their sensitive data.

Would YOU like your engineers to be in charge of making sure your application & infrastructure is secure (instead of spending a small fortune on external security consultants)?

Reduce Your Reliance On External Consultants

Cyber Chief makes your engineers capable of finding & fixing many of your app's security vulnerabilities. So you don't need to hire a security consultant just to do a vulnerability scan. If saving money isn't enough, you'll also enjoy the reduced stress because security vulnerabilities will go from known unknowns to known and fixed.

APIs To Help You Shift Left With Application Security

There is no end-point with application security, that's why it needs to be a regular activity that's undertaken every sprint by your team. Cyber Chief's APIs & integrations help your engineers build security into their deployment pipelines. This helps you ensure that your team never forgets to find & fix vulnerabilities.

See how Cyber Chief will help you secure your cloud software & infrastructure, so that you can ship new releases with zero vulnerabilities. Every time.