Friday, October 20, 2023

Feature Update: Introducing Cyber Chief Bolt API Security Tool

In today's fast-evolving digital landscape, the security of web applications and APIs has become a top concern for organizations. To address these challenges, we're excited to introduce a revolutionary addition to its Cyber Chief platform - Cyber Chief Bolt End-To-End API Security.

Game-Changing Visibility for Enhanced API Security

One of the key advantages that you gain from Cyber Chief Bolt is the ability to automatically discover all endpoints utilized in your web applications. This auto-discovery functionality goes beyond conventional, static API security, and saves you many, many person days of effort that would otherwise have been wasted on creating and maintaining API catalogues.

By gaining insights into when each endpoint was last accessed, organizations can proactively monitor their application's behavior. This knowledge equips them to detect and respond to any anomalies like shadow APIs promptly. 

You can see how Cyber Chief Bolt becomes the guardian that empowers your organization to protect its software and APIs in a progressive and security-conscious manner.

Effortless Documentation Starting With API Auto-Discovery

Accurate documentation of APIs is essential for developers and security professionals. Cyber Chief Bolt simplifies this process by automatically creating OpenAPI specifications for endpoints. This feature eliminates the painstaking task of manual documentation, saving time and ensuring that documentation is consistently up-to-date.

OpenAPI specifications are a vital asset for developers and security teams, supporting API documentation, development, and testing. By streamlining the documentation process, Cyber Chief Bolt not only saves time but also enhances the overall efficiency of API-related tasks. 

This in turn contributes to smoother development and security testing processes that can be undertaken by developers and software testers without always relying on expensive security experts.

The Promise of Cyber Chief Bolt

With Cyber Chief Bolt, organizations can expect a dynamic and proactive solution for API security management. Its ability to unveil all endpoints within web applications, provide access timestamps, and generate OpenAPI specifications signifies a significant leap in enhancing the overall security posture.

At Audacix, we believe that empowering organizations with the right tools is fundamental to achieving a resilient security framework. Cyber Chief Bolt contributes to this vision by bringing an innovative approach to API security management.

What Should You Do Next?

The introduction of Cyber Chief Bolt is a testament to our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to software development teams who want to shift left with security. 

In a digital landscape where the importance of securing APIs cannot be overstated, Cyber Chief Bolt emerges as a powerful ally, arming your software engineering teams with the tools they need to safeguard your applications and your customers.

Is it time to take control of your API security and build a more ironclad software solution for your customers?