DAST Vulnerability Scanner For Software Developers
Experience For Yourself Why Software Teams Give Cyber Chief 5-Star Reviews
Cyber Chief Vulnerability Scanner Reviews
Cyber Chief Vulnerability Scanner Reviews
Cyber Chief Vulnerability Scanner Reviews

On-Demand web application vulnerability testing

Zero-Click Scanning For Thousands Of Vulnerabilities

Finding cybersecurity vulnerabilities in your SaaS or cloud software doesn't need years of training. You don't need to be a qualified cybersecurity expert. Simply click the button and scan your infrastructure for thousands of vulnerabilities so that you can fix them before your next release goes live.

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Detailed Fixes For Each Vulnerability For Your Tech Stack

No longer do you have to scour the depths of Google to figure out how to fix security vulnerabilities in your cloud software. Cyber Chief presents best-practice fixes for each vulnerability for all common tech stacks. We're also happy to update our suggested resolutions if your tech stack is not yet covered by us.

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On-Demand web application vulnerability scanning

Cyber Chief helps you find & fix security holes in your web application without any cybersecurity experience.

Doing Smaller App Security Patches More Often = Greater Security Resilience

Vulnerability patching is often dumped on us in big bucket-loads. This often means security fixes get ignored for long periods. Cyber Chief helps break down security activities into manageable chunks that you can complete as part of your standard sprints. Less security work in each sprint, more app security resilience overall.

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Complete Vulnerability History For Easy Patching After A Regression

Security vulnerabilities in cloud software are like functional bugs - they have an annoying habit of making comebacks. So each vulnerability record in Cyber Chief includes a comment history and details on how it was resolved in previously and by whom. Our goal is to help you build great features faster, not keep you mired in a security swamp.

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On-Demand web application vulnerability scanning
On-Demand web application vulnerability scanning tool

Risk-Prioritised Vulnerabilities To Help You Decide What Must Be Done Today

Despite what you might hear, not all vulnerabilities NEED to be fixed yesterday. So Cyber Chief helps you easily prioritise your security to-do list by automatically marking vulnerability reports with their issue classification, based on the CVSS framework. Fix what you should now, make time to fix the rest later.

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Would YOU like to be in charge of making sure that the code you write is secure (instead of just relying on external security consultants)?

Automated Penetration Testing Behind Your Application's Login

Automated pentesting of your public-facing pages is good to do. But the real value lies in making sure the pages behind your login screen are also vulnerability-free. Cyber Chief will not only tell you the obvious, but will also tell you what might have been easily missed and therefore, ripe for exploitation by a hacker.

Want To Start A Vulnerability Scan From Your DevOps Pipeline? Can Do.

Our secure APIs allow you to initiate vulnerability scans on your cloud environment without logging in to Cyber Chief. You'll be notified if any vulnerabilities are found. It's as set-and-forget as application security gets. Let us know what else we can do to save you time.

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